Terveysteknologian kattojärjestö: ajatuksemme ovat Ukrainassa


Julkaistu 25.2.2022:

In light of the current crisis in Ukraine, MedTech Europe reiterates the need to continue the delivery and supply of medical technologies to patients and healthcare systems in all parts of the world.

At all times, the Medical Technology Industry’s primary mission is to provide innovative medical solutions, including medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, imaging and digital solutions, to patients and healthcare systems across the world. We intend to continue fulfilling our mission regardless of the location, including in conflict areas.

To this end, MedTech Europe calls on all parties to guarantee that sanctions will not affect the safe delivery and supply of medical technologies, components and raw materials, as well as spare parts for maintenance wherever they are needed.

We will continue to work closely with European Institutions to monitor the situation and the impact on the Medical Technology Industry, particularly on its capacity to supply much needed technologies.

Our thoughts go to everyone affected by this crisis in these difficult moments.

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