Market access and innovations in the Finnish medical technology market

The purpose of this guide is to look at the Finnish medical device markets. It will give an understanding of what is needed to place medical devices on the Finnish markets. The guide will go through the basics of the health care system in Finland, the market size, the regulatory aspect needed to consider as well as public procurement and tenders in Finland and options on how to enter the Finnish market.

The guide goes through the basics regarding the medical device market in Finland and helps making informed decision regarding market entry options. Sailab – MedTech Finland ry (ry = registered association) is an advocacy and influencer organization for health technology companies in Finland. Sailab – MedTech Finland‘s goal is to provide patients, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders with safe, high–quality and innovative healthcare technology solutions and related services. Sailab – MedTech Finland‘s members represent approx. 80–90 % of the Finnish medical technology and in vitro diagnostics market.

Sailab – MedTech Finland ry is developing Finnish health care and procurement, promoting innovations, competition and cooperation between companies, and influencing legislation and the development of the industry. In Finland, Sailab – MedTech Finland ry co-operates with all bodies and organizations that influence healthcare decision-making. Sailab – MedTech Finland ry is a member of MedTech Europe.


Market access and innovations in the Finnish medical technology market

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