Value-based procurement


Value-based procurement

Value-based procurement and experiences in NHS

Keynote speker Dr Joanne Meehan, Liverpool University

Joanne Meehan is  academic and noted thought leader in the procurement discipline. Her work focuses on power and the social-economic impacts of procurement.

Jo’s research is recognised at national and international levels and is impacting policy and professional practices in UK organisations across public, private and third sectors.

This event is held in English and it is open to everyone who is interested in MedTech, value-based procurement and healthcare.

Dr. Jo Meehan is a Senior Lecturer in Strategic Procurement at the University of Liverpool Management School (ULMS).  Prior to joining academia, Jo had extensive commercial experience in the private sector working in procurement management. Jo’s current research centres on value-based procurement, responsible procurement, modern slavery, corporate power, and social value. Jo has been at the forefront of developing the concept of value-based procurement for over ten years and her work has won numerous awards for its contribution to the procurement field. She is a regular public speaker in the procurement field committed to challenging business responsibilities and delivering impactful research. Her work is extensively published in leading academic journals and in the professional press.  Jo is Associate Editor for the Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management  and champions the journal’s ’business-not-as-usual’ research.

In this session, Jo will share her ongoing research findings on value-based procurement (VBP) in the UK, drawing on evidence from the NHS and social housing. VBP is a concept that is universally accepted, and the common assumption is that this how public organisations already buy. And yet, the evidence suggests that it is not widely adopted, and despite agreeing with its principles, buying organisations struggle to adopt VBP. Jo will share the evidence from her research to give insight into why, and the key barriers commonly faced. Critical evidence from where is has been used provide further understanding into the adaptations required by a range of stakeholders. The talk will be of benefit to buyers, sellers, healthcare leaders, and policy makers looking to develop value-based approaches.

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